Angel Organics Irish Sea Moss is wild-crafted, harvested in St. Lucia and is 100% organic & natural. Sea Moss is healing and packed with tons of vital trace minerals and vitamins that help boost immunity, promote good health, and restore the body's vitality and helps eliminate toxins. It’s known as a superfood, has a great source of iodine, boosts metabolism, increases energy levels, aides in the elimination of mucus, improves libido, aides in bone health, and is known to revitalize the skin, hair and nails. Don't get confused about true wild-crafted sea moss vs pool grown sea moss. If your sea moss comes to you thick, moist with sand and/or salt; it's most likely not wild-crafted, it's pool grown. Your moss should come to you dried free of salt and sand. Angel Organics Sea Moss is sun dried naturally and is harvested from clean ocean waters far away from toxins. Our Sea Moss is wild harvested straight from nature and is of the utmost highest quality and grade. Enjoy!

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